Client Libraries

Available for Web, React, iOS, and Android.

The Client libraries take care of audio capture, bidirectional streaming, authentication, and other technical complexities. They also come bundled with common UI components (a microphone button, transcript view).

Installing and using the Client Libraries

See Basic usage instructions to learn how to install and use the Client libraries.

All Client libraries also adhere to the same high-level API. There are some platform specific differences, but conceptually we have tried to make the Clients as similar as possible. If you know how to use one, getting started with another should be easy (provided both platforms are familiar to you).

More information

Our Client libraries are open source. You can find more information about them as well as other usage examples on Github:

We are very happy to receive pull requests to the above repositories, but it is a good idea to be in touch with us first, for example by opening an issue or by sending email to

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