Speechly iOS client API reference

The full API reference for the Speechly iOS Client Library


  • AudioRecorder: An audio recorder implementation that uses AVFoundation audio engine for capturing the input.
  • AudioRecorder.AudioRecorderError: Errors thrown by the audio recorder.
  • UserDefaultsCache: A cache implementation that uses UserDefaults as the backing storage.
  • GRPCAddress: A gRPC service address.
  • GRPCAddress.ParseError: Errors thrown when parsing the address.
  • ApiAccessToken: A struct representing an access token returned by Speechly Identity service.
  • ApiAccessToken.AuthScope: Token authorisation scopes. They determine which services can be accessed with this token.
  • CachingIdentityClient: A client for Speechly Identity gRPC API which provides token caching functionality.
  • IdentityClient: A client for Speechly Identity gRPC API.
  • IdentityClient.IdentityClientError: Errors returned by the client.
  • SluClient: An SluClientProtocol that is implemented on top of public Speechly SLU gRPC API. Uses swift-grpc for handling gRPC streams and connectivity.
  • SluConfig: SLU stream configuration describes the audio data sent to the stream. If misconfigured, the recognition stream will not produce any useful results.
  • SluConfig.LanguageCode: Language codes for supported audio languages.
  • SpeechClient: A client that implements SpeechClientProtocol on top of Speechly SLU API and an audio recorder.
  • SpeechClientError: Errors caught by SpeechClientProtocol and dispatched to SpeechClientDelegate.
  • SpeechContext: The speech recognition context.
  • SpeechEntity: A speech entity.
  • SpeechEntity.ID: A custom ID implementation for SpeechEntity. Since entities have two indices, start and end, this struct encapsulates the two for indexing and sorting purposes.
  • SpeechIntent: A speech intent.
  • SpeechSegment: A segment is a part of a recognition context (or a phrase) which is defined by an intent.
  • SpeechTranscript: A speech transcript.


  • AudioRecorderProtocol: A protocol for capturing audio data from input sources (microphones).
  • AudioRecorderDelegate: Delegate called when audio recorder receives some data or an error, or when it has been stopped.
  • CacheProtocol: A protocol for a cache storage.
  • Promisable: A protocol that defines methods for making succeeded and failed futures.
  • IdentityClientProtocol: Protocol that defines a client for Speechly Identity API.
  • SluClientProtocol: A protocol defining a client for Speechly SLU API.
  • SluClientDelegate: Delegate called when an SLU client receives messages from the API or catches an error. The intended use of this protocol is with SluClientProtocol.
  • SpeechClientProtocol: A speech client protocol.
  • SpeechClientDelegate: Delegate called when a speech client handles messages from the API or catches an error.

Global Functions

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