Setting up a speech-to-text application ID

Speechly can also be used as a plain speech-to-text API.

If your application only needs speech-to-text functionalities, we recommend creating an application id (called App ID below) that does not provide any other features besides speech recognition.

Setting it up is very simple.

  1. Log-in to the Speechly Dashboard.
  2. Create a new application by clicking the “CREATE APP” button in the bottom right corner.
  3. Give the application a descriptive name, choose the language, and ensure that “Initial configuration” is set to “Empty”. Click “CREATE”.
  4. In the screen that opens, only click the “DEPLOY” button found in the bottom right corner. Wait until the Status text (shown in the bottom left side of the screen) says “Deployed” with a little green symbol next to it.
  5. You can grab the App ID from the top part of the screen, it is right below the name of your application.

And you’re done!

If you would like to learn about other features that Speechly provides, please take a look at our other quick start guides, and the rest of the documentation.

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