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Speechly Decoder API

API reference for Speechly Decoder, the libary used for on-device speech recognition. At its core Speechly Decoder is a C library. The documentation is for the most part autogenerated from the C API specified in Decoder.h.


  1. Create a DecoderFactory with DecoderFactory_CreateFromModelArchive
  2. Spawn a Decoder with DecoderFactory_GetDecoder
  3. Feed audio samples to the Decoder with Decoder_WriteSamples. Be sure to write end_of_stream=1!
  4. Read CResultWords containing the decoding results with Decoder_WaitResults until empty word.
  5. Clean up result objects with CResultWord_Destroy
  6. Clean up decoder with Decoder_Destroy
  7. Clean up decoder factory with DecoderFactory_Destroy

API reference