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November 2, 2022

📝 Docs

Today we are extremely happy to finally announce version 2.0 of our documentation! 🥳️

  • We rewrote and restructured most of our content in order to make things clearer and improve the developer experience.
  • The site has a new look and feel with better mobile and dark mode support.
  • Even the search is now better, we hope you'll find what you are looking for :)


Version 0.11.0 released, notable changes:

  • Transcribe audio files using Speechly Cloud or On-device with the transcribe command.
  • Evaluate both ASR and NLU accuracy of your application using the evaluate asr and evaluate nlu sub-commands.

🔮 Dashboard

A lot of changes to application views:

  • Application views were re-organized and some of them were renamed to better describe their purpose.
  • Download SDKs for Speechly On-device from the Integrate page
  • A new design for the Training data (previously Configure) view. The editor is now full height with a sticky sidebar, so less scrolling to find your entities and intents.
  • Templates were removed when creating a new application
  • A bunch of small, yet important, UI improvements