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Create SAL annotations for a list of examples using Speechly


speechly annotate [flags]

To evaluate already deployed Speechly app, you need a set of evaluation examples that users of your application might say.


  • --app -a (string) - Application to evaluate. Can be given as the second positional argument.
  • --de-annotate -d (bool) - Instead of adding annotation, remove annotations from output.
  • --evaluate -e (bool) - Print evaluation stats instead of the annotated output.
  • --help -h (bool) - help for annotate
  • --input -i (string) - Evaluation utterances, separated by newline, if not provided, read from stdin. Can be given as the first positional argument.
  • --output -o (string) - Where to store annotated utterances, if not provided, print to stdout.
  • --reference-date -r (string) - Reference date in YYYY-MM-DD format, if not provided use current date.


speechly annotate input.txt <app_id>
speechly annotate --app <app_id> --input input.txt > output.txt
speechly annotate --app <app_id> --reference-date 2021-01-20 --input input.txt > output.txt