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Sample a set of examples from the given SAL configuration


speechly sample [flags]

The contents of the directory given as argument is sent to the API and compiled. If configuration is valid, a set of examples are printed to stdout.


  • --app -a (string) - Application to sample the files from. Can be given as the first positional argument.
  • --batch-size (int) - How many examples to return. Must be between 32 and 10000.
  • --seed (int) - Random seed to use when initializing the sampler.
  • --stats (bool) - Print intent and entity distributions to the output.
  • --advanced-stats (bool) - Print entity type, value and value pair distributions to the output.
  • --advanced-stats-limit (int) - Line limit for advanced_stats. The lines are ordered by count.
  • --help -h (bool) - help for sample


speechly sample <app_id> .
speechly sample --app <app_id> /path/to/config
speechly sample <app_id> /path/to/config --stats